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Get Set, Go!

The ID4Africa 2020: Marathon of Innovations will run for 3 days and will consist of 4 major Circuits:

Unlike other virtual events, ID4Africa 2020 takes a fun and creative approach to make your experience as real as can be. The symposiums feature real-time presentations, panel discussions, and Q&As with major thought leaders in the field.  The expo offers grand opportunities for attendees to explore the world’s leading innovations directly from corporate showrooms across the globe.


PLUS a number of adrenaline-packed activities to win

awards and prizes for your favorite charities!

Circuit 1

Plenary Technical Sessions

This is the analog of the conference in the physical Annual General Meeting. The objective here is to impart practical technical knowledge from front line expert innovators. The focus this year is heavily technical because there is a significant demand in the Community for technical know-how and because the ID4Africa LiveCasts complement these sessions by providing the missing perspectives on the issues raised including policy, operations, and legal frameworks.

The Technical Plenary Sessions will consist of the following 6 Symposiums:

  1. Digital Identity Innovations.

  2. Service Delivery, Authentication & Payments Platforms.

  3. Mobile ID, Derived Credentials & the Future of Secure Credentials Pt1.

  4. Mobile ID, Derived Credentials & the Future of Secure Credentials Pt2.

  5. Digital ID for Safer Travel and Population Flow Management.

  6. Enabling Technologies: Face Recognition, and Advanced Biometrics.

Circuit 2

Innovation World Tour 

These simulate a tour to a real-world exposition, where delegates can witness demonstrations, brief presentations and can interact with experts. The Showcases are guided, interactive tours broadcasted live to bring attending delegates into an innovator’s world, based on a given schedule during the day.

In any given showcase, an innovator has up to 20min to host a visit by attendees.

Circuit 3

Innovation Zone

The Innovation Zone is the analog of the real-world exhibition space. Each participating Innovator has their own station, similar to a Booth in the physical world.

This zone will be open one week before ID4Africa 2020 and will continue for 6 months after the event. It is an area where delegates can find information about Innovators and what they offer, including literature and prerecorded video clips. One can also connect, network, and chat with available company representatives on duty.

During the 3-days event, it is possible for attendees to connect, network, and chat with a live host manning an innovator’s station (virtual booth).

Access to the Innovation Zone is open and can be done at any time without an appointment on an individual basis. This is in contrast to Circuit 2 where a guided tour is conducted subject to a set schedule that will stream throughout the day and will feature a select group of Innovators.

Circuit 4

Networking Zone

This is the area where all delegates and innovators can network, exchange contact information, ask, and offer answers to open questions, etc. This is the analog of the Coffee and Refreshments stands in the physical exhibition.

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