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ID4Africa 2020 Community Engagement Contests

[Open to African Government Delegates Only]

While your attendance of ID4Africa 2020 enables you to enrich your knowledge with the latest thinking on identity matters, we are making this learning experience even more enjoyable by offering fun and competitive activities with prizes to reward those who are most active in the sessions.


There are two contests with prizes:  (1)The Grand Race    (2) Passport Contest

The Grand Race: Win an iPhone 11

This prize rewards the attendee who gathers the highest number of points based on his/her level of participation throughout the 3 days of activities. This score is measured through the sum of  "Time" and "Attendance" logs:

Activity Score =  Time + Attendance

Time Log:
Time spent in a session (Symposium or Innovation World Tour Showcase) is logged and measured automatically by the platform.

You receive 1 point for each minute spent within a session.

Attendance Sweep:

Each day, one of the following sweep letters (A, B, C, D) will be announced at 8 random times. Listen out for these letters and note them so you can enter them at the end of each day into a Whova survey form, called “SweepEntry”, located under the “Additional Resources” section of the platform. 

For each letter reported correctly, you'll earn as follows:

Day 1: 100 points/letter
Day 2 : 200 points/letter
Day 3 : 300 points/letter

Those with the 10 highest scores will be announced on days 1 and 2. Note that since points/letter increase progressively, being in the lead on those days does not guarantee winning the overall race. The earned points will continue to accumulate daily up until the end of the event on Day 3 (excluding the Fishbowl in order to have time to tally the scores).

The attendee with the highest score will be announced at the end of the Fishbowl and will win an iPhone 11.

The Passport Contest: Win an iPhone SE

Here, delegates visit as many booths as possible to collect stamps. The stamps are independent of the Grand Race contest points. Anyone that has collected 25 or more stamps will be automatically eligible to participate in a Lucky Draw (which will be conducted at the end of the Fishbowl on Day 3) and will win an iPhone SE.

Contest Conditions:

  • You must be an African government delegate to participate.

  • If there are several score ties recorded for the top ten runners on days 1 or 2, those with matching scores will still be numbered among the top 10 shortlist.

  • If we wind up with more than one highest score for the Grand Race prize, the winner will be selected through a Lucky Draw.

  • If you are a winner, your iPhone reward will be purchased online from a local supplier in your country. At this point, you may be given the option to either pick up your phone from the supplier or have it delivered to you directly if the option exists. If we are unable to locate a local supplier with your help in your city or state, ID4Africa will provide you with the equivalent cash capped value in your local currency. That is, iPhone 11: US$1200, iPhone SE: US$800 (inclusive of all charges).

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