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Around the World in 3 Days!

ID4Africa 2020: Marathon of Innovations is an all-new virtual conference and expo experience focused on identity solutions for the new world. It brings together thousands of like-minded professionals from across the globe for 3 days of intense knowledge-sharing, networking, and explorations of innovations in response to new identity management realities.


It is designed to complement the ongoing ID4Africa LiveCast episodes but with heightened engagement through guided tours, competitions, prizes, surprises, and more! It combines 6 info-rich symposiums with an innovation world tour (IWT) which broadcast live from actual showrooms in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa – from anywhere developers are making progress.

Our objectives


To provide innovators with a platform where they can showcase their solutions and innovations to a market with clear needs,

Offer government agency representatives and other end-user interests, a trusted marketplace where they can find accurate and reliable info about innovations that can outpace their latest challenges in identity management, for the long run.

Allow the vetted supply and demand side for identity solutions to connect and network.

The ID4Africa 2020 theme focuses on responsive innovations for a world where crises, such as COVID-19, create major challenges in identity management and disrupt economies and movements of populations. The objective is to highlight how innovative tools enabled by digital identity can help countries address the new challenges and mitigate against the impact of disruptions so that they restart their economies and respond to the needs of their populations in a timely and proportional fashion.

Theme in 2020

Identity Management Tools for a World in Crisis

Don't miss this never-been-done-before ​Marathon of Innovations!

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